A Living Ledger

A visualization showing transactions on the
Ripple Network in real-time – learn more.

What is this?

A Living Ledger (@ALivingLedger on Twitter) is a visualization depicting transactions on the Ripple Network in real-time. It uses a rippled websocket to continuously fetch the latest transactions. These transactions are then display as described below:

Nodes are addresses

Each node you can see on the canvas represents a unique address contained by a transaction. Each address gets depicted by only one node. If it appears in another transactions and is already visualized, the existing node pumps.

Lines are relations between addresses

Every time more than one address can be found within a transaction, the main account and the other address' connection is visualized by a new line. If the connection has already been visualized it pulses instead of creating other lines between involved addresses. The more transactions appear on an edge, the brighter it gets.


First off, I want to thank the awesome Ripple community for giving such an awesome feedback and nice suggestions. Furthermore, I want to thank the guys behind Elixir and the Phoenix Framework for making web-development functional and charming.

Why can't my address be found?

You have entered your address and it is not present in the visualization? That can have multiple reasons:

There was no transaction while you are here

A Living Ledger is a real-time visualization that starts at the very moment the page is loaded. Older transactions are not taken into account, while newer transactions should be displayed within seconds, once your transactions was validated.

Your transaction was off ledger

The Ripple Network offers the possibility to do even faster transactions off-ledger. That means, that your transaction is done without immediate validation on the ledger and only validated in bulk later. A lot of exchanges use this method.

Some data got lost

Neither this website, nor rippled websocket-connections give strict guarantees to deliver once in streams. This means, that once in a while a transaction can be lost in transport before visualization. If you are sure, that your address does not appear due to a bug in this application, feel free to get in touch via twitter

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It seem's your browser does not support WebGL :(
However, it is required for this visualization.

Learn how to get it: https://get.webgl.org